The Singapore Chamber of Commerce Vietnam – SCCV HCMC (formally Singapore Business Group – SBG HCMC) Education Fund (EdFund) was initiated by pioneering members of SCCV in the early 90’s in giving back to the local community. It was officially established as an outreach programme since 2000.

EdFund has grown over the years to serve the purpose of providing financial assistance (school fee scholarship) to needy and well-deserved students with their academic studies pursuit.

SCCV has rolled out a new EdFund programme and is calling for all kind-hearted donors to support the local community.


SCCV HCMC (formally SBG HCMC) got recognized for the great charitable effort toward the Vietnamese community and was honorably awarded the certificate of commendation from the Ministry of Education and Training in 2010.

Since its establishment, SCCV has awarded a wide range of scholarships for students in Southern suburbs. Till April 2018, we have raised more than US$ 428,000 and sponsored 3,000 Vietnamese students from Primary to University level in Ho Chi Minh city, Da Nang city, provinces in Northern Central Vietnam and Mekong Delta.


SCCV is now re-opening our EdFund programme and calling for all kind-hearted donors to support the local community together as a whole.

SCCV EdFund Scholarship is only open for Vietnamese students from primary to university level. All applications will be screened and categorized based on their poverty levels, grades and majors through three rounds. The finalists will be invited to an Education Fund Ceremony where SCCV EdFund representatives will be giving them the scholarships.

The scholarship will cover all school fees, confirmed by the schools and universities that the students are attending. Copies of all the fees’ receipts will be recorded in SCCV Secretariat Office.


EdFund programme is open on a yearly basis. Every year we will have a cut-over period in August to finalize the total amount of money raised together with the list of successful applicants. All donations received after this time will be kept for next academic year’s scholarships.

The Minh Long Ceramics mug will be given free of charge to every generous donor as our appreciation. It will generate funds perpetually for this worthy cause of subsidizing the needy and well-deserving Vietnamese students in pursuing their academic studies.

All donations will be published on the SCCV website as an appreciation for your support to encourage Vietnamese students to strive harder in both studies and life.


EdFund Gold Donation: donation of US$ 2,000 and above

*EdFund Gold Donors will be listed on the SCCV website with their company name and logo linked to their website.

*EdFund Gold Donors will have 1 representative invited to the SCCV EdFund Scholarship award ceremony.

*EdFund Gold Donors will have their company logo displayed at the SCCV EdFund Scholarship award ceremony.

EdFund Silver Donation: donation of US$ 1,000 and above

* EdFund Silver Donors will be listed on the SCCV website with their company/ individual name.

EdFund Bronze Donation: donation of US$ 250 and above

* EdFund Bronze Donors will be listed on the SCCV website with their company/ individual name.

We are thankful for every single contribution. Together we will make a better future for needy students in Vietnam.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please contact SCCV Secretariats by email: or call us at (+84) 28 6685 5370 – (+84) 28 6685 5371.