International Golf Tournament in Vietnam

From Viet Nam to the world!

Introducing V-GolfTour tournament


Through organizing a tournament with our group competition, V-TOUR, wants to create many playgrounds for golfers in Vietnam to improve their level and interact with all from other countries as well as to promote. golf development and social contribution.

Mickey OTANI
Vietnam Golf Tours Company Limited
Executive Committee Chairman
PGA (Professional Golfers Association of JAPAN)
USGTF(United States Golf Teachers Federation)
WGTF(World Golf teachers Federation)


Professional male and female players (Automatic registration system), trainees, trainees, amateurs (in HDCP 14), students, the elderly.

Content services

Throughout the year, Organize many mini tournaments (tournament 1 day ~ 4 days) in all courts nationwide but still practice uchng in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the same time, mainly through fanpage members will receive notification of results, schedules with SNS tools such as FB, blog, email newsletter, media. Moreover, V-Tour activities and classes and sales fairs will also be regularly announced to golfers around the world.

Main content

Organize various activities such as Mini Tour, specialized and non-specialized competitions, competitions, online classes, trial courses (sponsors from suppliers), fair sales (sponsors from houses) provided), classes for older people, charitable activities.



V-Tour players always follow the rules of golf, rituals, and behavior and do not care about other players even while competing directly. Our criterion is to participate in competitions with the highest level of preparation in each conduct so that it can bring joy to all members.


In the event of a suspected age, gender or professional certificate fraud, it is prohibited to attend the tournament.

  •         Issues arranged for tournaments will be decided by the executive office.
  •         Organizers and sponsors will not be responsible for incidents such as illness, injury, damage or loss..
  •         The organizers are entitled to post photos, video clips, documentary as well as registration information (full name, year of birth, address, nationality) on the internet, newspapers, magazines or TV.
  •         Buy and sell images taken during competition are prohibited.
  •         The organizers can accept consignments to sell photos taken during the competition.
  •         The tournament organizers have the right and can disclose specific personal information by themselves, age, full name as well as portraits of people participating in some media such as internet or sundry lice.
  •         The player may be disqualified from playing when there are acts that are not properly prepared by the tournament.

Participants must clearly understand and comply with the rules set by the organizers according to each golf course. (Please note that the executive department of the organizing committee will disqualify the competitor as well as prohibit participation in competitions with violations of the above regulations).

  •         In case of occurrence of events outside the above provisions, it will be handled based on the decision of the organizer.
  •         Please confirm in advance with the organizer about the specified clothing because there will be some tournaments with specific rules for this issue.
  •         The distance between the pitches may vary depending on the course conditions.

Related to personal information

  • The organizers will strictly adhere to the laws relating to the protection of personal information of attendees.
  •         Without the participants’ permission, personal information will not be provided to a third party.
  •         Information provided when registering will not be used for other purposes.
  1.     The organizer will use it for the purpose of exchanging and informing participants.
  2.     To use as documents of the motto as well as update the situation of participants.
  3.     To use when conducting surveys with multiple categories such as gender, age or living address.

Section 2.3 is the prescribed content so participants must comply.

  1.     Personal information such as self-identity, performance, age, full name and portraits will be publicized by the organizers on commercial media and publications.
  2.     To manage as well as run festivals or tournaments.
  3.     Personal information will be defined for the scope of use for legitimate purposes such as communication exchange, customer management, human resource management as well as staff recruitment and will not be used for purposes that pass allowable limit.


Competition conditions


Rules of Golf

Application of competition venue rules as well as R&A and USGA regulations.

  1. Arbitration of tournament organizers.

The committee has the right to change the conditions of competition and the board has the final decision.

  1. Regulations on the use of clubs
  2. Rules about balls

The player’s ball must be the correct type as listed in the latest R & amp; A rules (published by the USGA). Penalties and penalties for violating this condition will be made in accordance with paragraph 1b (compare with golf rules page 177).

  1. Time to start

As stated in Article 33-7, golf is not a good reason to exempt a penalty level within 5 minutes after your start time when it arrives …. a 2-stroke penalty for play the first ball when coming. Also, punish the right to play when going more than 5 minutes late.

  1. Combination

The player must finish the rounds as specified by the BTC. However, it is not excluded that there will be cases where BTC will notify changes before or after.

7.Related to the speed when playing golf.

Pay attention when playing to not create a distance too far from the first group.

The player must have the pace of play in accordance with the requirements of the BTC so as not to be left with a distance too far.

Penalty for violating golf rules 6-7

First offense: penalty of 1 stroke

Violation 2 times: penalty 2 strokes

In case of recidivism: being disqualified from competition.

  1. The end of the match.

Each match will be closed at the time the player signs his score on the score card that is recorded by BTC.

  1. Training is prohibited at the time of moving between 2 holes (rule 7-2)

At the middle of the hole, players must not practice on the grass around the hole or move the ball to the hole to try. The penalty for violating this condition will apply Rule I (B) 5b in golf rules.

  1. Interrupt and start again

(1)The disposition of the game is interrupted (due to bad weather conditions such as lightning), it will be done according to Rule 6-8b, c, d in the rules of golf.

(2)In the event of a disruption due to the BTC decision due to bad weather, the players of the groups in the middle of the 2 holes will not be able to start again until the latest instructions of the BTC. When playing in a hole, players must stop playing immediately and then not start until there is an instruction of the BTC. If a player does not stop playing immediately in the event that there is no good reason to excuse the error, he may be disqualified.

  1. The player is not allowed to use the Caddy outside the BTC designation. In the designated caddy school that is not present due to competition, this case will be notified separately. The penalty for violating this condition will be applied according to golf rules page 179.
  2. If the players cannot complete the rounds then the competition results will be decided by the BTC.
  3. The teeing ground will be arranged depending on the conditions and age of each tournament.
  4. Related to the use of distance measuring equipment.

The distance measuring device is used in this tournament

※ Unlimited usage features

※ Competition must not be delayed to use distance measuring equipment

Local law

  1. The edge of the game field is shown in white.
  2. Dangerous obstacles such as lakes are represented by yellow bars.

Obstacles to surface water are represented by red lines.

  1. Restricted land limit is shown by white line.
  2. In the case of a ball hit on the ground, you can hit through the green grass to save the ball. When the ball is deep in the ground, it can be lifted, cleaned and released without penalty and close to the old position of the state as possible but not closer to the hole.
  3. Move obstacles when the ball is next to the rock in the sand pit.
  4. Do not move obstacles for situations where the ball is still in surfaces such as the path as well as a drainage ditch in the range.
  5. Can adjust the old position when the ball falls into the thick grass.
  6. Pitches and parts that cannot be divided. When the ball falls into the water or gets stuck or swirled into a wire or cable. Walls in the lake obstacles or piles.
  1. In case of an extra yard …… the player will have to comply with Rule 25-3 of the golf law. Will be fined 2 times when violating this local law.

Item attention

1. When there is a change or addition to local laws or competition conditions, it will be notified by the BTC when starting or pasting the notice near the office of the BTC.

2. When you practice hitting the ball, you may be limited in the number of balls.

3. It is forbidden to use shoes that may damage the lawn.

4. Be careful not to slow down the pace. If it is too slow, it will be punished (according to Article 6-7 of golf rules).

5. The organizers have the right to refuse entry to golfers who dress improperly.

6. Do not bring your mobile phone into the golf course.


Executive Committee Chairman

Mickey Otani

PGA of Japan


As the founder of the company, with a simple but assertive style, a spirit of serious working, marketing and modern and effective working methods, he has led the staff to overcome many difficulties, challenge to become the leading construction corporation today.

Customer benefits are always the goal and motivation for the development of the company”.

Mickey Otani

President / CEO / The Group Founder